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How can I use this site to find philosophy papers?
 PhilosophyPapers.Com is divided into three main sections and several subsections to make finding papers easy!: To view a list of papers on Plato, Socrates, and other Greek philosophers, click either the "Greek Philosophy" or the "Plato & Aristotle" button to your left. For papers on Western philosophers of more recent centuries, click either the "Descartes, Hume & Others" or the "Modern Philosophy" button! Papers on God's existence, philosophies of religion & freewill, etc; can be found by clicking any of the other buttons on our topics list.  If you'd rather just perform a keyword search of our entire database, use the "home" button above to return to our search form!

Can I preview a paper before I buy it?
  A great philosopher once said "I think very deeply" and you should too! Before you purchase any report listed on this site, ponder your decision and ask us for a FREE, one page excerpt! Just send us an email to let us know the.wps file name(s) of the particular paper(s) you're interested in and we'll send you at least one free page from each one within just a few hours! Even if you have a very specific question about the content of a particular paper listed on this site, our staff of online customer service representatives will look over the report that caught your eye and reply to your query with a clear, competent response.... TODAY!!! Use the "email us" button to ask us anything! 


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